Friday, March 9, 2012

Jonas the Great Communicator

Having a conversation with a toddler is sometimes confusing, but always entertaining.
It goes without saying that I like to talk. It stands to reason I'd bring a child into this world that talks as much as his mommy.

The most interesting thing to me is observing how he chooses to communicate, and watching his memory develop and improve. He'll say things to me that are seemingly out of the blue, but he's probably been gathering the information for days.

Earlier this week, we were walking from the car to the house. Jonas turns to me and says: "Mommy, Curious George with the butterflies". A week ago, we went to the butterfly garden at Secret Woods in Fort Lauderdale. It was only after we'd gotten back home that I realized we'd lost old George in the garden. I could picture him sitting on the bench, all alone. I explained to Jonas that Curious George stayed to play with the butterflies. Little did I know it would stick with Jonas, resulting in him talking to me about it a week later.

Last night, Jonas decided to sing everything he was speaking. On a talkative drive home, he started by singing about Luis being at work. (One of his favorite Jonas Originals, second only to Dinosaur, Dinosaur). "LU-IS at worrrr-rrrrk" he sang, before switching gears to: "Mommy ha-home, mommy go home. Cooby Doooooooo, dark outsiiiiiiide...go playground laterrrr. Go playground sooo-oooon"

I'm sharing this with you, because as I am experiencing this stage of a child's development for the first time, I am absolutely fascinated with a toddler's train of thought. It's something akin to stream of consciousness. Whatever is on Jonas's mind, he just blurts out loud.

Being a parent is like getting an education in real time. The way our minds work, why we behave and react to things in a certain way, and how we process information.
I am learning the best way to teach and communicate with Jonas, just as he is learning the best way to communicate with me.

What an awesome experience.