Sunday, March 3, 2013

CHD Awareness Month Wrap Up

So we're now into March, and one of the busiest months of my year is over.
Being a Heart Mom means advocating year round, but my calendar is especially filled each February.
What did I do for CHD Awareness Month?
I organized and promoted a group art show with some of my best friends, raising $150 for Angel's Pediatric Heart House. This organization has done so much for so many families, including my own.
I spoke out about Jonas's condition on local radio and television stations.
I posted educational materials on Facebook, and distributed them in person.
Jonas and I wore red for an entire week straight!

I hope that in some small way I made an impact on my community, and beyond.
I am but one person, trying the best I can to be a good mom and advocate for my boy.

The outpouring of love and support we received from friends and family throughout the month warmed my heart, more than I can adequately express.

Kristina created a beautiful painting of Jonas from a photograph she took of him, bringing tears to my eyes the instant I saw it. Joel came to The Bubble and played an acoustic set before a later obligation in South Miami.

Art By Kristina DaSilva

Jonas dances to Uncle Joel's music

Friends near and far shared my event on Facebook. Shared stories about their experience with Jonas.
Jackie Ross devoted an entire month to sharing the stories of heart babies in our community, including Jonas's.
His story was also featured here on, a national women's lifestyle website.

I met wonderful new people, including artist and CHD survivor Danny Kidwell and fellow local heart parents  Kelly and Reese Robinson and Alisha and Chance Horner.

This journey began unexpectedly 3 1/2 years ago, but we're taking it in stride, and doing the best we can.
I just want to be the kind of mom Jonas can grow up to respect and admire.