Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 1-Saturday, August 8th

We settled into the recovery room, taking time with both sets of our parents, and enjoying Jonas. Friends came and went, bringing balloons and well wishes. The day went by really fast, and before long it was 11:00p.m. and we decided to settle in for our first night with Jonas. Kris had a pullout bed next to mine, with the bassinet between us. We laid the baby down, and started to fall asleep to the television. Then, it started. Hiccups! This may sound silly now, but night one as a mom and I didn't know what to do when a baby got the hiccups. Kris knew it was fine, but I still sent him out to the nurse's desk to be sure. Of course, you don't do anything when a baby has hiccups, so we had a good laugh over it and went to sleep. An hour or so later, Jonas was awake and hungry. He still hadn't learned to latch properly, so the nurse suggested about 10 cc's of formula, just to make sure he was getting some form of nutrition. We changed his diaper and went back to sleep. Around 3a.m., a nurse came in to check my vitals and make sure I was doing well post-labor. This was about an hour after they had woken me up to try breastfeeding, and by now I was exhausted and completely unhappy that they couldn't have just checked my vitals when they woke me up the last time! The nurse attempted to draw blood. Not once, but twice she failed to thread the needle to my vein. Sleep deprived and irritated with her lack of one of the most basic skills a nurse should have, I yelled at her to stop. She wasn't going to stick me a third time. She told me I didn't have to be afraid of getting my blood drawn, which infuriated me. I have never had a fear of needles, or having my blood drawn. But I do take serious issue with someone that doesn't know how to do their job right the first two times. I yelled at her to get out, and not to come back until she brought someone that could do the job right.
A more experienced nurse came back, got it right on the first try, and I went back to sleep.
A couple more hours of sleep, and morning came.

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