Sunday, September 8, 2013


Merely typing those two words: "POST-FONTAN" feel like a weight is being lifted from my shoulders. We're just under a month from the date of Jonas's final surgery, and every day we see more positive changes.
On Friday, Luis and I took him for a bicycle ride in our neighborhood. I used to be so proud of him for riding the two blocks to the playground near our house. I wanted to conduct a test, so I asked Jonas if he wanted to ride further. He said he did. I checked on him several times throughout the ride, so much that I think he was starting to get annoyed with me. By the time we reached Holiday Park, Jonas had ridden his bicycle nearly 2 miles. From two BLOCKS to two MILES. I was flabbergasted.

Jonas has always been an energetic little boy. But there's no more "I need to take a break" after long spurts of energy.
His color looks great. He has rosy cheeks and pink toes. Beautiful, dark pink lips.

We went through hell in the hospital. For 11 days, I witnessed his tiny body enduring more pain than most adults will know in their lifetime. And yet here he is, riding in the backseat of my car, singing songs and telling jokes.

I treasure his laughter...I always have. Especially now, after seeing him so hurt and sullen.

Every day I am given with Jonas feels like a gift. As corny as that may sound, I truly feel that way.
I have waited so long to write this blog, because I really don't want to rehash the hospital trauma.
We are able to move forward together happily, and in good health.
I couldn't ask for anything better to happen in my life, than to have Jonas healthy and happy.

He will always need to visit the cardiologist for check-ups. He may need small "tune-ups" into adulthood.
But I am remaining optimistic that the worst is behind us now.

It's wonderful to be home!

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