Friday, February 6, 2015

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


Yesterday I held your hand tightly, while tears streamed down my face.
I could not hold your body, there were too many wires in place.

Today I held you on my lap, you barely fit there now.
I'll keep holding you anyway, as long as you allow.

Tomorrow you will be as tall as me, I can't wait to see you grow.
There are so many things I am excited for you to know.

Yesterday I was afraid, of what tomorrow would bring.
Today we're here, and you are strong: We've been through everything.

Yesterday I watched the surgical team take you away from me.
Today your heart is beating, because they repaired it carefully.

Tomorrow I will watch you run and play, without so much as a care.
Yesterday I wasn't sure, that you would ever get there.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed,
not for you, nor for me.

But I promise you today,
you are loved in every single way.


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